Jiri G Mosna

Jiri Mosna was born in Czechoslovakia in 1942. During his years of compulsory military service he dabbled in the arts and to his surprise placed in an important fine arts competition. This success spurred him to attend the National School of Fine Arts in Plzen (Pilsen) from 1961 - 1965. While at the National School his mentor Karel Brezina Influenced the graphic design of Jiri's signature color linocuts. Jiri's other influences during those formative years were influential artists such as Milos Holy, professor Lumir Topinka, and Jan Wenig, who was the President of the Association of Fine Artists in Plzen. During the five years of formal training Jiri participated in many exhibitions highlighted by ninth place finish at a nation-wide art competition.

Following this achievement Jiri was in constant demand at art exhibits throughout Czechoslovakia.

After leaving Czechoslovakia in 1980 Jiri showed frequently with Siemens Exhibition in Austria. In 1981 Jiri immigrated to Canada where he is a member of the Federation of Canadian Fine Artists. From 1991 to 1996 he was also a member Ronald David Thompson's Gallery "Originals Only," where he exhibited and sold his work.

Painting in oils, watercolors, inks, and using linocuts and lithography to express himself, Jiri's superb craftsmanship, eye for details, and delicately sophisticated use of colors is what makes him sought after by collectors in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Canada.